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Letter from a War Hero

I know it’s been a long time since my last letter
And I know how you must have felt during that time
But here I am writing to you, hopefully, to make you feel better
I miss you, baby, I wish I had some more time
And I would spend it all with you if I could
And there’s no doubt that I should
But then it’s tough to live out here in the sand
Every day is the same old story in the same land
Every time I wish I didn’t have to pick up my gun
Every time I wish I could come back and have some fun
It’s been so long and I wish I could see our daughter
And all I can do is stare in the mirror, splash my face with the cold water

I know I said I’ll be back this September and now December’s also gone
I hope you know that I remember you all the time and I mourn
How’s our daughter? Is she big enough to walk now?
I wish I could be there for her somehow
I hope she doesn’t forget what her daddy looks like
I wish I could play with her all day and all night
I remember her light grey eyes when she was born
Oh how I miss her, tell her I love her when I’m gone
I am trying to get the leave this time, okay?
I might hopefully land home this May
I wish I could hold you in my arms right now, love
And here in this shithole, that would be more than enough

I hope you don’t cry when you miss me there
You have to be strong for our daughter’s sake, show your care
I promise I will be back as soon as I put down this gun
Till then, tell my mom if you can that I’m safe, her son
And I wish I could feel you beside me
Wish I was home in my bed without all these war worries
Each day is like a living hell that I don’t want to see
But then I can’t deny I’m a soldier and that’s what defines me
I know there are a lot of my mates here who would want to go home
To see their loved ones, nobody wants to be alone
But I don’t think anyone wants that as badly as I do
To see you, run to you, and forever be with you
I’ll be back and I know I have told you this before
But I’ll be back and of this I’m sure

Just be patient and I hope to call you in a few days
To hear your voice and our daughter’s too
Tell her, daddy will come home and never leave her again
Tell her I’ll be with you and her and I’m not saying this in vain
This is all the time I have now love so I must close
I hope you know I love you the most
My CO is calling us outside right now
I’ll post this letter as soon as I can anyhow
I hope it reaches you in time
I hope you smile when you read it as mine
I’m okay, I’m well so if you’re worried, don’t be
I’ll be back to you in a blink of an eye running away from this misery

Your Husband.

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