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The Love and The Shadows

Their eyes met in a stormy night
When the rain poured in all its anger
Inside a bar hidden in the shadowy corner
One girl sipping vodka back by the cooler
The guy all soaking wet rushed inside the bar
Put his coat on the hangar and looked around
Noticed her immersed in a world she made
While she was playing with her hair, her drink put down

She never knew the meaning of unconditional
Ran away from home at an age of fifteen
Nightmares followed her around even when she slept
No one searched for her, no one knew where she had been
He never knew how to love with limits
A musician at heart, always open for a conversation
Took home barely enough to sustain himself
But he had traversed all through the nation

And in the smallest corner where fate intervened
Started a story that was as normal as the eyes could see
But little did they know, it would be devastatingly beautiful
They managed to talk through the hours of eternity
And the shadows whispered to their friendlies
Their world would just be a cog in the machine
And their love would just be a mere speck
In this endless time of galaxies and stars unseen

But you know such is the idiosyncrasy of love
Never cared for eternity or thoughts of the great above
He could barely see anything apart from her face
And those lips he could never forget, their taste
She was supposed to be the queen of her misery
But somehow she started to love herself a little more
He invoked in her feelings that she never understood
His words could decipher her codes, rip her soul

Suddenly she was on fire with ecstasy
She felt alive in every cell of her burning body
And he was caught in a hurricane of her thoughts
He was meant to stay and love her, kissing the right spots
And there came a point of time when even fate lost
There could not be a reason to keep them apart
Like fingers entangled, roots gripping the soil
At one point in time, they had invincible hearts

But even the great mountains would give way
The shadows laughed, so what could human tendencies pave?
And as change rumbled apart the lives so interwoven
Even galaxies end, how could love not cave?
So slowly in her eyes, you see, the emptiness grew back in
Those eyes were once burning with the fire he lit
And those thoughts that he wanted to break through
Slowly broke him instead, leaving a shell of someone he knew

The shadows rejoiced that night as another eternity demised
Words spoken were held in dark corners of their minds
Haunting them of the memories that suddenly mattered no more
And I saw them and the diminishing size of their designs
Not long after, I saw them at two different bars
She was playing with her hair trying to hold her drink, shattered glass
He never enjoyed the rain anymore as he drew a drag out of his blackened parts
I think I heard the shadows snicker at those poor little broken hearts

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