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I didn’t buy anything this Prime Day Sale – Why that’s significant!

So you may have been curious about what’s so special about this when you first clicked on this.

Let me explain!

Every Sale Ever!

I am an avid Amazon consumer. I have been for the past four years now and I pay for my Prime membership for the free delivery than the actual streaming platform. I have been buying many things including PS4 games, earbuds, mobile phones, Alexas and Echos, etc. The list goes on for quite a long time

So as per the expectation, Prime Day would have been the day for me to make sure I buy the things I most desired that too with a worthwhile discount.

Given my track record, I have been buying at least five items on each previous Prime Day sale convincing myself that I was buying it on a good deal and I will obviously use it.

This time was quite different than the rest.

This time on Prime Day, I was as expectedly curious about certain items that I thought I must buy given the discounts that will be offered. I had my eyes on true wireless earbuds from a certain Korean company. I also wanted a few games for my ever-growing and soon to be obsolete PS4 gaming library (thanks to the PS5!). I wanted a waterproof but durable and anti-theft bag. The list was all there.

All things gadgets!

They were wish-listed too just in case I didn’t want the hassle to find them. I was also getting good discounts. So why didn’t I buy anything as usually I would?

To be honest, I didn’t need any of those things. I wanted them, sure, but I definitely didn’t need them. This realization was not revolutionary or something that came as an epiphany. It had been slowly building over the years. I had more things at my disposal than I cared to use.

I already had a great working pair of Bluetooth earphones. I only wanted to upgrade to better, more premium versions. I had a good waterproof bag but I was attracted to the design of the new one. I had more games in my PS4 library and a PS Plus subscription that I wouldn’t play the new game for a long time even if I bought it.

This was something that I realized slowly but surely. Consumerism is good to an extent and only to that extent. I had a lot of products and stockpiling more for future use just because I had the money seemed foolish this time around.

Is the dopamine hit worth it?

I was just caught up in the hype and I didn’t want to be a part of it anymore. Sure, the item I thought I wanted was at a very low price for the time of the sale and I would have to shell out extra dough if I plan to buy it later. But if I didn’t want it at all, I would be fine and I would still be fulfilled. I didn’t need that item nor would I use it extensively which would somehow fulfill the purpose of getting it. I only desired it.

So for the first time in four years, I didn’t buy a single thing on Prime Day.

I write this simply to share my experience. The sale came and went and I was perfectly content before and after. I do believe excess buying is unnecessary but it is okay to splurge on a few things that you really love. That happiness is worth the cost in my opinion.

I simply urge you not to make a habit of buying incessantly as that serves no actual purpose except a small dopamine hit to your brain. Ask yourself, would you use the item that you buy for a consistent amount of time? Would it be something that would make your life easier or more enjoyable? If yes, by all means, go for it.

But if you hesitate, think again. Perhaps that item is only a red herring (a literary reference, I know!). It will only distract you from far better things in life.

So this is why, for the first time in four years, I bought no products on a huge sale and I am all the better for it!

What are your thoughts? Do share below.

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